Friday, August 15, 2014

Using Oils

I ordered this kit.  You only pay $20 shipping.  Limited time scheduled to end the end of August 2014.
If you watch the video you will be given a code to enter for the $100 off this kit which makes it free.  You will then be able to market these products and purchase at wholesale.  They have kits with even more and you can get the $100 off them but it will cost more.    This kit is a limited time with Simply Aroma. I have used essential oils on and off for about 25 years.  I believe they are beneficial and help with symptoms.  I know lavender has always relaxed me and helped me sleep.  Eucalyptus has helped me breathe.  I use to spray an office that was stressful and full of drama before others got there when I worked at location.  They always said the days I was there were more peaceful. That being said I think this is a great deal especially if you have considered using essential oils.  This is a new company less than a year old that is going to use home parties as well to market.    

If you are looking to just purchase oils or want to check out what we offer check out my web page.


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