Friday, June 11, 2010

Green Beans and Cucumbers!

I wonder if there is a recipe that uses green beans and cucumbers. I wonder if we would if we would like it if there were.

I am getting lots of green beans. The bush beans are really producing this year. I am getting 2-3 cucumbers a day. I am getting about 3 pounds a day in green beans.

Wish the other areas of my life were doing as good as my garden.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today is a new day!

Going to try living each day like a new day. Each day God is giving a fresh start. A day to grow closer to him and change the things in my character I need to change.

The garden reminds me of that. Plants that looked dead yesterday are fresh looking and sprouting. Reminds me not to give up so easily on those mountains in my life. I am trying to find the joy in the changes of my life.

We will be spending the summer doing school. Instead of looking of this as a chore maybe we can really enjoy it. The mid afternoon is so hot it would be miserable to move and that time we can use to our advantage. If there is an activity maybe we can use the early morning to accomplish that.

The garden surprised me again this morning. The plants are growing overnight. There are more beans to be picked. The last set of green beans I planted produced beans I have not noticed and need to be picked. I had to fix a trellis and when I lifted a leaf I found a melon about the size of my two fist together. I have about 3 more cucumbers to pick that makes about 14 so far. The grapes are growing. The watermelon vines are everywhere I am trying to decide if I need to try trellis for them if just to save them from being trampled.

It is amazing to see the cycle of life in the garden. I am amazed at God's creation all over again. I love to be able to see some of the science lessons in reality.

Here is to a day to grow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

garden 6-8-2010

I made my pictures into a slide show it was easier than loading them.
The pictures of food are what my husband made from the garden with our harvest yesterday.
The rest are random pictures more of a log for me. The green beans are coming in plentiful as are both types of cucumbers. I think the melons are honeydew. The strawberries are sending our runners and I am planting in containers. The red bumps on the leaf are what I think are ladybug eggs. I hope so. I have not used anything to kill bugs since the ladybugs are present and I want them to live.
The jungle looking plants are my tomatoes. The vining plants on the A frames are green beans The frames are about 7-8 feet high. The vining on the trellis is cucumber and melon plants. The peppers are being left alone to see if they turn yellow. The watermelon vines are growing everywhere. The picture behind my garden is where everything decided to take off over the back.


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